International Cuisine, Locally Sourced

If you love international cuisine but also understand the importance of locally-grown and locally-sourced foods, then you should love the perfect blend of both worlds embodied by Harried and Hungry, a Seattle-based cafe and catering company! Not only do we support local businesses and shop at local farmers markets, we turn our local foods into some of the most delicious dishes found around the globe!


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Not just for Tuesday, our “Harried House Tacos” will satiate that craving for Mexican food. We top our delicious roast carnitas with locally-grown veggies, such as braised onions, pickled jalepeno jicama, and salsa verde made with cucumbers. By taking locally-grown, seasonally available produce and infusing amazing south-of-the-border flavors, Harried and Hungry can offer tacos that are as socially conscious as they are delicious!


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Even more complex flavors, like the tastes of Japan, can be rendered local by the brilliant chefs at Harried and Hungry. Consider our Japanese style dashi broth, infused with duck and leek with five-spice pork shoulder, fermented scallions, and a house chili sauce on rice noodles. It’s the perfect lite savory soup with exotic flavor and local ingredients.


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If Italian is what you’re craving, we’ve got a steady rotation of hand-made pastas at Harried and Hungry. Take a look at our house sweet potato gnocchi with house made sausage, sage brown butter, wilted arugula and fresh goat cheese. Mama mia!


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Our Tao House Chicken is a great example of Korean food with a West Coast twist! Starting with locally-grown, fresh, crunchy butter lettuce, we add buttermilk battered fried chicken, house kimchi (featuring Washington produce), cucumber relish, and a fermented black bean miso glaze to create a truly stunning dish that will have your taste buds on meltdown mode.


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Finally, if you’re in the mood for traditional European continental comfort food, check out the unbelievable Harried and Hungry beef bourguignon, which rests atop a delicious root mash made from locally-grown root vegetables and features fresh Brussels sprouts, watercress, and radish!

With new menu options weekly and old favorites coming back into rotation (depending on what delicious produce is fresh at the local farmers markets), there is always something locally-grown with an international flair on the menu at Harried and Hungry, making it an ideal location for a quick, satisfying lunch and a great choice to cater that business meeting or special event!

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