Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  • Rented Shelving in Both Dry Storage and Cold Storage must be kept Organized and Clean
  • Members Equipment at Rented Table Must Be Concealed in Containers or Boxes
  • Members Must Maintain a Respectful Workplace Environment.
  • Workers Must Practice Proper Cooling and Holding Procedures at All Times
  • All Workers Must Have Valid Washington State Health Food Workers Card
  • Members Must Have and Maintain Business Insurance
  • Members Must have Valid Business License

Please note that a maximum of 2 employees may work at the kitchen per station reservation to avoid overcrowding.

Please email ​​ to request additional information or inquiries, or call 206-264-7900.

H&H CAFE HAS MOVED to 515 S. Michigan St.. Please do not place CAFE PICK UP orders if you do not intend on picking them up from our georgetown location at 515 S. MIchigan St. Dismiss