Monthly memberships are for companies that would like to keep a consistent monthly schedule at the commissary. You can reserve 1 to 7 days per week, and you will be able to select your time slot for each week to create your own schedule. You will receive an email on the 20th of each month to select the following month’s reservation day(s) and time. The monthly costs below are for each workstation, which includes one stainless Steel Prep Table w/under-counter shelf, the dimensions of which are: 30”D x 96″L x 36”H. Each membership comes with walk-in refrigerator storage space, 1 shelf (24’’x 60’’), and dry storage space, 1 shelf (26”x60”). Additional shelving for both the walk-in space, freezer and dry storage space is rented at an additional cost.

Monthly Cost (days per week)

Time of DayMorning (4am – 1pm)Afternoon / Evening (1pm – 10pm)Graveyard (10pm – 4am)24/7 Access
1 Day$600$500$425
2 Days$700$600$525
3 Days$800$700$625
4 Days$900$800$725
5 Days$1000$900$825
6 Days$1100$1000$925
7 Days$1200$1100$1025$1450

What Comes with Your Membership?

  • 1 stainless Steel Prep Table w/under-counter shelf 30”D x 96″L x 36”H
  • Walk-in refrigerator storage space 1 shelf (24’’x 60’’)
  • Dry storage space 1 shelf (26”x60”)
  • Use of all kitchen common equipment such as Convection Ovens, Gas Range, In-door Smoker, Fryer, Grill, Sinks, Dishwasher, Janitorial Supplies
  • Access to In-house ordering, Prefered Vendor Status and next day delivery on all Sysco orders as well as special pricing on a wide variety of items
  • Free Wifi
  • Utilities including trash, recycling, compost, water, gas, and electric
  • Alarm and key access
  • Easy Load in/load out access through roll up loading dock bay door

Not Included in the Membership

  • Extra Shelving (current pricing listed below)
  • Towel service
  • Use of In-house Kitchen Utensils, Pots/pans, Storage or Cooking Vessels

Additional Shelving Rental Rates

Walk-in Refrigerator Shelving

  • 24’’ x 60’’ shelf = $100 per / $250 per rack
  • 24’’x 24” shelf = $$50 per / $125 per rack

Freezer Shelving

  • 24’’ x 24’’ shelf = $80 per

Dry Storage Shelving

  • 24″ x 60′ shelf =​ ​$75 per / $150 per rack
  • 24’’x 24” shelf = $$40 per / $110 per rack

Please email ​​ to request additional information or inquiries, or call 206-264-7900.